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 b e n e f i t s  &  u s e s ...

protect skins natural oils 

relieves chronic pain

reduces inflammation 

boosts collagen production 

 improves skin conditions

protects  from environmental damage

blemishes & skin discoloration

 irritation caused by psoriasis & eczema-

soothes skin allergies

keeps skin supple, nourished & radiant

prevents premature wrinkles & facial lines

heals rough & chapped skin

SPF 6  - prevents skin damage from ultraviolet radiation 

cures skin peeling & burns 

cures skin rashes

heals insect bites & stings


improves skin elasticity

 pain relief from arthritis

muscle fatigue

natural cuticle cream

use on scars, sore noses during a cold or flu

chapped lips

anxiety relief


prevents cancer cells from traveling






stretch marks

under-eye wrinkle cream

great for massages

Devoid of chemicals

gentle and soft on skin

best of all...won't clog pores!

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