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In 2002, as a Firefighter, I was burned in a structure fire.

I suffered burns over 60% of my body, mostly my legs and back.

I am left with many scars. Over the years I have tried a slew of creams that have underwhelmed, or simply put, gave me no relief. So many creams made so many claims of healing and reducing redness, yet yielding minimal results.

Until Bea took it upon herself to create something that finally worked.

beabutter- Shea Butter with Essential Oils. I have used this cream now for 3 years and my redness is almost completely gone. The roughness of my scars are slowly but surely dissipating and my skin is hydrated like never before. 

-R. Cuevas

beabutter is the BEST! I've been using Bea's Butter for about two years and I swear by it! I use it as an eye cream, moisturizer, lip balm, and deep conditioner for my hair. It's very soothing, smells good and goes on easily.

I have it at home, in my desk at work, and in my bag - I recommend it to EVERYONE.  


beabutter has been so revitalizing that I now incorporate it into my everyday routine. It was a gift from my girlfriend who also uses it on a daily basis and we can't get enough of its goodness. Not only is it soothing moisture-wise, but also has alleviated muscle and joint pain. I've played competitive sports and have been using power tools at work for 30 years so my body really needed help. beabutter has been an incredible alternative to any over the counter or prescription creams I've tried.

There's nothing better than a handful of beabutter... so go on and spread the butter!  



I've tried essential oils, body butters, benedryl spray, organic non sulphate laced stuff and (my skin) still itches.  The hard well water also instigates skin issues.  

beabutter is the only solution that has gotten rid of the itches, dry skin and allergic reactions that seem to appear after swimming.  -E.S.


When our son was born he had a moderate case of cradle cap.

My wife and I started putting beabutter on his scalp and it improved it dramatically.

A few times when he was very little he got a rash that we attributed to a harsh perfume or detergent someone was likely wearing while they held him.

We put beabutter on the infected areas and it would clear right up. 

beabutter is really good for everything!

 -Marco and Paula 


I use beabutter on my face and neck at night, and it is amazing. It's better than any night cream I've used in the past.

It makes my skin SO soft and is even softening some fine lines I had on my chest from sun exposure.

Plus I feel good about using something that's all natural.

beabutter is my beauty secret!  -Paula 

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