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About us...

Our creation, beabutter,  was born out of necessity.  Every morning Ric would wake up in pain due to his rheumatoid arthritis, combined with psoriasis,  he lived in constant discomfort.  These health issues got in the way of his day-to-day activities, and made it difficult for him to live a normal life.  


But this wasn't always Ric's story, he had been an athlete his whole life, a fierce Firefighter in Los Angeles, until an injury in a structure fire forced an early retirement. 


The Ric I knew was determined. This constant discomfort and pain was setting him back.  The only relief he found for his symptoms were in Petroleum based products.  And that relief was short-lived. 


My concern grew as he needed an alternative to allow his largest organ, the skin, to detoxify from the chemicals his body absorbed when he was burned.  These petroleum based products were doing just the opposite.  We spent thousands of dollars trying different creams and nothing worked.  


I soon discovered Shea Butter.  I began to read about Shea Butter, and its many healing properties.  I had to see for myself if these claims had any validity. 


In my findings, I kept reading about individual ingredients that purportedly had healing properties.  By combining 7 essential oils, CBD & Shea butter, as its base.  In the process, we created a healing ailment that finally relieved Ric of his pain.  His inflammation began to dissipate, and he saw improvement in his skin.  I even started using it as a natural moisturizer and facial night cream seeing a significant change in our skin.


I will never forget the day he told me: "it is the first time in a long time, I don't have any pain or discomfort since the fire", it had been 10 years... From that day on we began making and using it regularly.  


Upon sharing our story with others, they quickly became interested in trying it out for themselves.  Soon after, we found ourselves making it for friends and family.  Today,  we have a growing clientele and a loyal following.

Ricardo passed June of 2023, due to the continued health issues he had due to the fire. He has left his legacy as we continue to make this luxurious cream to hopefully heal others in need. 

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